Triethanolamine New Exporting Policy issued by China Custom

Triethanolamine is a common ingredient added to cosmetics, and the added concentration is usually low and generally acts as a PH regulator. According to...

Comprehensive Review of China New Cosmetics Regulation Framework [Online Event]

To prepare for entry into the Chinese market, conduct a thorough and systematic review of China's new cosmetics regulations.
Press conferences for the 150th anniversary of Shiseido Group in China were held concurrently in Shanghai and online on Nov. 15 2022. China has grown to be the engine of...

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[Full English Version] Provisions for Supervision and Administration of Manufacturing and Marketing of Cosmetics in China

Provisions for Supervision and Administration of Manufacturing and Marketing of Cosmetics (Promulgated by Decree No. 46 of the State Administration for Market Regulation on August...

Raw material Notification code ≠ Certificate of Safe

Starting on January 1, 2022, brands must provide safety-related information for preservatives, sunscreen, coloring, hair dyeing, and freckle whitening functional raw materials when submitting...

South Korea Partial Revision hair dye ingredients usage of「Regulations on Cosmetic Safety Standards」

File Download: 1. Partial revision notice on cosmetic safety standards, etc. hwp2. Regulatory Impact Analysis (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Notice No. 2022-403).hwp3. Review...

China issued a Catalog of Imported and Exported Wild Fauna and Flora Commodities

Notice of Endangered Species Import and Export Administration Office in General Administration of Customs China According to the regulations of the People's Republic of China...

[CHINA]”Guidelines for the Verification of Sensory Analysis: Sensory and Consumer Product Claims” for Public Comments

According to the National Standardization Management Committee's National Standard Revision Plan (Plan No.: 20220698-T-469), the national standard of "Guidelines for the Verification of Sensory...


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China NMPA Consumers Warning of Golden Cosmetics

After the State Administration of Market Regulation, the Health Commission, and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued a document calling for the suspension of gold foil food, lately,...



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