5 You Must Know about Cosmetics Raw Materials Notification Code in China

Since January 1, 2023, Cosmetics Brands will be mandatory to fill in the complete safety information of each cosmetics raw materials when doing the notification or registration of the products in China. But How much do you know about the Safety Notification Code or Submission Code of Cosmetic Raw Materials yet? Let’s dive in!

Question 01:

What is the raw material Submission Code?


In order to promote the level of raw material safety management in China’s cosmetics industry, the National Medical Products Administration established a cosmetic raw material safety information notification platform. Raw material factories are necessary to fill in the raw material safety information and be granted a safety notification code.

Cosmetics registrants and filing persons can submit the code provided by the raw material manufacturer when they register cosmetics products and do not need to repeatedly fill in the detailed information.

Question 02:

What is the benefit for raw materials manufacturers to acquire the Notification code?


Since January 1, 2023, Registration or Notification of Cosmetics in China must submit the raw material safety information either directly fill to the platform or through a safety notification code from the raw material manufacturer.

So first of all, It is highly recommended raw material manufacturers obtain the notification code so the clients don’t need to repeatedly fill in the raw material information.

Secondly, it will help to protect your raw materials’ intellectual property, because when Cosmetics brands fill the code, the relevant documents will not be revealed. But if you let the brands do the notification, you need to provide them with full information about the raw materials.

Thirdly, it is also a good promotion point for raw material products.

Question 03:

How long will the raw material safety notification take?

1- 5 working days after the information is fully collected. But It will take a few more days to get your local business license to be notified which depends on your local notary office.

Question 04

What information is required for the reporting of the raw material reporting code?


  1. Enterprise information table
  2. The main body certification document of the raw material manufacturer
  3. The authorization letter issued by the cosmetic raw material manufacturer
  4. The raw material trade name
  5. basic information and process description,
  6. raw material identification and characteristic indicators,
  7. risk information and control indicators ,
  8. Evaluation conclusions of international authoritative organizations,
  9. brief description of the use requirements of other industries,
  10. and other issues that need to be explained.
  11. The raw material reporting code will be automatically generated immediately after the materials are submitted. The enterprise should be responsible for the authenticity of the declared raw material information.

Download Cosmetic.News designed Raw Material Safety Information Collecting Table in English.

Question 05
I am concerned the process may leak the confidential information of our raw materials to the public.

Is it a problem here?

No Worries, when the raw material notification code is generated, the formula for raw material safety information will not display the composition ratio of the raw material, nor the information of the raw material manufacturer.

When the raw material notification code is used for cosmetic filing (registration), the raw material safety information document is not displayed, only the raw material reporting code is displayed.

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