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NMPA Video talks about Chinese label requirements for cosmetics products

https://youtu.be/BraUqJW5o2c English Translations: Labels on cosmetics are a very important part of how people decide what to buy because they are the main way to find...

5 You Must Know about Cosmetics Raw Materials Notification Code in China

Since January 1, 2023, Cosmetics Brands will be mandatory to fill in the complete safety information of each cosmetics raw materials when doing the...

ACRAS is back in its 2nd Edition

An insightful summit with over 250 professional attendees including regional governmental officials & experts ACRAS: “Aesthetic & Cosmetic Regulatory Affairs Summit” The 2nd edition of ACRAS is...

China issued a Catalog of Imported and Exported Wild Fauna and Flora Commodities

Notice of Endangered Species Import and Export Administration Office in General Administration of Customs China According to the regulations of the People's Republic of China...

China Talk 001: 70,000 Cosmetics Factories are “disappeared” in China


[CHINA]”Guidelines for the Verification of Sensory Analysis: Sensory and Consumer Product Claims” for Public Comments

According to the National Standardization Management Committee's National Standard Revision Plan (Plan No.: 20220698-T-469), the national standard of "Guidelines for the Verification of Sensory...

China New Cosmetics Adverse Reaction Monitoring System Online

In order to implement the "Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations", "Cosmetics Production and Operation Supervision and Administration Measures", and "Cosmetics Adverse Reaction Monitoring and...

“Anti-Aging” Claim is illegal in China?

Cosmetic.News Regulatory Alert, recently a domestic cosmetic company in China was punished and fined by Shanghai Bureau of Market Supervision for advertising “anti-aging” functions...

Translation of Taiwan amendment of “Safety Guidelines for Cosmetics for Children”

On August 17, 2022, Taiwan FDA issued Circular No. 1111608018, revising the safety guidelines for children's cosmetics. News: Taiwan FDA Amends “Safety Guidelines for...

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