Comprehensive Review of China New Cosmetics Regulation Framework [Online Event]

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Confusion, Changing, And Restricting!

That’s why we are here!

To prepare for entry into the Chinese market, conduct a thorough and systematic review of China’s new cosmetics regulations.

The overarching law, Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulation (CSAR) shaped China’s cosmetic regulatory framework in total. The sub-regulations and policy explanations have been published in more than twenty versions. The industry has been impacted significantly, and Oversea brands have lost their angles in the rapidly changing situation.

Most of the new regulations have already been put into place, and the rest will be done by 2023. Cosmetic.News set up this event to walk you through the full hierarchy of the new regulations. Then breaks down into pieces to analyze, review, and finally comes to results to support your future business plan, product developments, marketing strategy, etc.

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The most comprehensive analysis of cosmetic regulations in history

1. Finished Cosmetics:

  1. New Cosmetics Regulation Framework
  2. Cosmetic Notification and Registration
  3. Responsible Person & Brands Obligations
  4. Application Requirement of Cosmetic Products
  5. How to apply Efficacy Claims
  6. How to do Safety Assessment Report
  7. How to get Animal Testing Exemption
  8. How to Build Adverse Reaction System

2. Special Cosmetics:

  1. Children’s Cosmetics Market Entry
  2. Sun Screen Labeling and Regulations
  3. Whitening Products Policy
  4. Hair Growth Products

3. Cosmetics Labeling and Formula:

  1. Cosmetics Labeling Method and Regulations
  2. Cosmetics Formula Limits

4. Raw Materials:

  1. Cosmetics New Cosmetics Ingredients Regulations
  2. Cosmetics Raw Material Safety Notification Code
  3. Danger Species Raw Material Management
  4. Raw Material Chemical Weaponized Concerns: Triethanolamine Issues 

5. E-Commerce:

  • 1. E-Commerce Regulations Overview
  • 2. Cross-Boarder E-Commerce Regulations
  • 3. Tmall-JD Platform Policy.

6. Entry Guidance

7. Panel Discussion

And more subjects adding…

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