Niche Perfumes can Direct flights to China, Tmall Global launched the first “perfume route”

Since perfume contains flammable substances such as alcohol, it has been banned from air transportation by many European countries. Imported perfumes are mainly imported by sea through bulk purchases. However, the more personalized and customized “niche fragrances”, the less they will be able to produce single products on a large scale, and they will not have the conditions for mass transportation.

On December 23, Tmall Global and Cainiao officially opened the first cross-border direct mail “perfume route” between China and Europe. During the New Year period, European perfumes were sent directly to China every day.

The opening of the China-Europe perfume route not only enriches the previous single mode of importing perfume mainly by sea shipping, but also provides a more convenient cross-border logistics solution for the increasingly popular “niche perfume” entering China.

Tmall Global and Cainiao set up direct mail perfume routes in the Netherlands and Germany.

Different from the Big brands’ “commercial fragrances”, the personalized “niche fragrances” are being favored by the younger generation of consumers in China. 

“2020 China Perfume Research White Paper” shows that in terms of perfume consumption, young consumers under the age of 30 are diminishing their pursuit of big brands. They resist “the same scenting” and are unwilling to use perfume to please others. They are keen on pursuing woody scent, oceans scents and other refreshing and personalized “niche fragrance”.

Beginning in September this year, Tmall Global’s overseas direct purchases have joined with Cainiao, established overseas direct purchase warehouses in Europe, developed special packaging to solve the safety problem of small-volume perfume air transportation, and piloted the first cross-border direct mail “perfume route” in Germany. “.

On the eve of Xmas, this route was officially put into use and expanded to the Netherlands and Germany for direct flights, allowing European perfumes to be sent directly to China every day.

Tmall Global’s German overseas direct purchase warehouses.

On the Tmall Global platform, the consumption of Niche Perfumes is gaining momentum and its been doubled in 2020. Euromonitor, a global market consulting company, also predicts that the mass perfume market will fall by 15% in 2020, while the niche handmade perfume and high-end perfume market will grow by 18%.

At present, a batch of “niche fragrances” such as Le Labo Santal 33, Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin

, Rose Of No Man’s Land,Maison Martin Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning and Penhaligon’s The Coveted Duchess Rose have all entered European direct purchase on Tmall. Warehouse.

“Some niche perfumes have only a dozen or a few dozen pieces in inventory, and they are too small to scale. Consumers can also buy online.” According to the relevant person in charge of Tmall Global,consumers can place an order within three days. Received direct goods from Europe.

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