Raw material Notification code ≠ Certificate of Safe

Starting on January 1, 2022, brands must provide safety-related information for preservatives, sunscreen, coloring, hair dyeing, and freckle whitening functional raw materials when submitting a cosmetics registration or filing application in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of Cosmetics Registration and Filing Materials”. Additionally, all ingredients for cosmetics must file by 2023 and provide all safety-related information.

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The specific content of the safety information involves the composition of raw materials, the recommended amount of addition in cosmetics, usage restrictions, description of the type of production process, quality control requirements, and limit requirements for risk substances.

With the launch of the cosmetic raw material safety information registration platform, cosmetic raw material manufacturers or their authorized companies have successively logged on to the platform to submit information on raw material safety. After the raw material safety-related information is submitted through the information platform, the raw material notification code is automatically generated, that is, each raw material has its own “ID number”. 

The efficiency of cosmetics registration and filing is increased by allowing cosmetics registrants and filing persons to only fill out the raw material notification code provided by the platform’s associated raw material manufacturer. This eliminates the need to repeatedly fill out the detailed raw material safety information.

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