Understanding the Halal Cosmetics: Concept and Certification

Due to the growth of purchasing power, Muslim consumers today spend more on cosmetics and personal goods. The markets are growing fast and rase up enough attention to the cosmetics industry. Halal Cosmetics which is Muslim consumers now prefer to choose becomes the most important qualification for entering the markets. In this article, you will know the concept of halal cosmetics and what is the halal certification that could help your brand to get attention from Muslim consumers. 

What is Halal?

First of all, halal is a word represent the Muslim culture and religion. Halal originates from the Arabic word namely halla, yahillu, hillan, wahalalan which means allowed or permissible by the Shariah law. As indicated in the Quran and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Surah AlMaidah:4 has mentioned in the Quran: 

“They asked you what is lawful to them. Say: ‘The good things are lawful to you, as well as that which you have taught the birds and beasts of prey to catch, teaching them of what Allah has taught you, eat what they catch for you, pronouncing upon it the name of Allah, and fear Allah, Allah is swift reckoning”

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